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Hi, I am new and this is my first post ever. I am an active 55 year old male who has never taken any medications in life. I have led a life without much stress and anxiety ... until recently, that is!
After several months of tingling sensation (wrinkly socks) in the front part my feet, I was diagnosed with small fiber peripheral neuropathy in late 2014. After many blood tests, an EMG, etc, so far my neurologist has not found an underlying cause except possibly B12 deficiency. My B12 level was 530 in mid 2014 and in March 2016 had dropped to 280. On April 1, 2016, I received 4 consecutive daily injections of Cyanocobalamin (1000 mcg) which I believe was "too much too fast", because my symptoms immediately changed from simply pins & needles (wrinkly socks) in front of my feet, to now (additionally) a burning/hot sensation in my toes, especially in the evenings and at bedtime which terribly affects my sleep (before the injections I didn't have hot sensations at all) I am hoping & praying this means my damaged nerves are reacting/waking up due to the injections (wishful thinking perhaps :-) HAS ANYONE HAD SUCH EXPERIENCE?
After my last injection on April 5, 2016, I have just started taking Methyl sublingual supplements of B12 (2500 mcg) but perhaps this is too early and/or too strong, considering the 4 recent injections. ANY SUGGESTIONS? (some say 1 injection go 1000 mcg per week or month is sufficient)
I am very confused with everything I read about the different types of B12: Cyanaco, Methyl, hydroxo, Adenosyl .... and malabsorption ......
I am planning to do another B12 blood test in mid May, by which time perhaps my B12 level is higher and my symptoms have improved. Assuming the cause of my neuropathy is B12 deficiency, I wonder HOW LONG BEFORE MY B12 LEVEL INCREASES & SHOWS IN MY BLLOD TEST? And more importantly, HOW LONG IT TAKES BEFORE I FEEL ANY SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT in my feet?
Any and all personal or professional experiences, opinions, and suggestions are welcome. Thanks much to all.

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