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Hello everybody.

Long time since I've post in here, but I'm back both to say hi and for some advice.

I was struck by idiopathic Neuropathy back in 2010, started with weakens and tingling, then the pain, and almost all sorts of the usual neuropathic issues.

I went through every test there is, aside from the nerve biopsy and the spinal tap, don't know why, and used 900 mg of Gabapentin (3x300mg daily), as my main treatment for about three almost 4 years.

Three EMG/NCV later, all practically normal, I started to reduce the Gabapentin dose to none and stayed like that for almost 3 years now, more less. It was never clear what caused it. I've had high cholesterol and lipids, and I'm also a chronic upper respiratory infection patient.

I point this out because, due to a 2 yer old newly diagnosed Asthma(plus allergic Rhinitis) and because of the sedentary lifestyle that came with it, I'm once again with a hight lipid count and even with all my allergic treatments I'm still a Chronic upper respiratory infection sufferer. And I was also diagnosed with GERD.

Now to the point: I'm on my second week of an upper respiratory infection, treated with Amoxicillin/Clavulanate 800 mg, with doesn't finish to recede. It doesn't feel terrible but it doesn't go away.

Suddenly, out of the blue, I've started to feel neuropathic Pain all over my body. Mainly in my arms and legs but pretty much wide spread, back, neck, chest. Both burning in skin and deep sharp pain(on pressure) are the main issues, but some mild numbness and tingling, and some muscle spasms and joint ache too. I'm also quite tired.

I remember that when this all started back on 2010 I've got the "textbook" presentation with symptoms spread in a "socks and gloves" distribution, but eventually the pain and the other issues affected all of my body.

Could it be the respiratory infection? My High lipid count? Whats with the sudden and widespread symptom presentation? Any one with a similar experience?

Because of GERD I've been taking omeprazole for almost a year, I've read that this could affect the B-12 vitamin absorption and this could give some neuropathic type issues, but that's just a theory, for me at least.

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