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im 29 female and i think i have some kind of nauropathy although my dr told me it s my anxiety disorder or somatization!but there is alway some kind of tingling shoking pins crawling sensation and pain in diffrent parts i have many many times in er and neurologist i have wide twitching in my body that made me crying and all this symptoms was in relation to anxiety too but i searched many sites and there wasnt any link with anxiety and causing neuropathy so i searched in dr offices for answer i had one flue 5 months ago and just befor it and after that i had pain every where like you described i was full of anxiety think i have some blood cancer problem and one again i was on er so my blood count just show alittle high wbc then i went to romatologist and i had negative rf factor and then again neurologist that just like to put me on serterlain i had b12 test and it was in normal range all of my mg k b12 zinc cal d was ok but my feritinin level was a little low

about neurophaty no one understand when we are in pain my friend and my familly like my husbend teasing me when i talk about this symptoms they cannot see how its horrible when you think to x or y desease that maked you ill or depressed i feel so alone i dont like to have any other tests there is one day im really feel good but suddenly this strange symptems arises from any where and make me think oh god there is sth !!by the way i have gerd too i have globus feeling some times i had andescopy that show i had esophegtis because of reflux and i was on ranitidin and pantaprazol

i m good now i have ibs too i have ocd too i think i think s alot to any suspiciouse thing i have health anxiety alot i know but i hate when i have this symptems they just ignore me

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