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Hoping someone out there reads this and has an inkling of what could be wrong with me.... March 25th I woke up to high anxiety, high blood pressure, lower back pain and heavy pressure in my heart area. Two hours of testing at my primary Doctor, nothing showing wrong. As the day progressed I could feel odd tingling a happening in chest area. Felt almost like when the dentist hits a root nerve, but it was in my body. For the past 2 months, I have experienced both slight lower back pain and nerve pain that has steadily increased in mostly my upper body. Went to orthopedist, had lumbar MRI, he sent me to physical therapy which of course did nothing to help. So he referred me to neurosurgeon who says my lumbar mRi, which is showing some disk hernia tin, still does not explain the nerve pain I am experiencing. I can't wear a bra, the seatbelt makes me want to scream and stray hairs hitting my neck are nervy too. He is now telling me I should see a neurologist - he did send me for a thoracic mri which I haven't gotten results back yet. The nerve issue is in my chest, my upper back and today I wanted to cry because I felt in my left thigh. It seems to be preach g more each day. The only relief I get is at bedtime where it seems to lessen immensely after lying down for 20 minutes. Could this be some kind of pinched nerve? Will it show on mri? Ready to scream, can't take much more! Any input appreciated!

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