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Hello everyone!
I'm 19, I will turn 20 soon. So, in august, I was at home, seeing the Olympic's and I have this sensation of pin and needle in my legs, next day I had it on my arms and my hands hurted in waves, acute pain. A few days before, my belly hurted, first in a specific place, above my umbigo a few centimetres right. The following days I've experienced muscle tension on my neck, arms and brain zaps. I have this sensation on my face too, even in my eyes, inside. It was everywhere! I had strong muscle spasms too, all over the body. I had bruises on my legs for no reason. When I had my menstruation I loss the sensibility all over the body, and I was so so tired, I never felt that way. I had tingling in my hands, feets, legs, arms and head. I saw a neurologist on ER (I went there like 2 weeks after this all started) and she said, quickly, that I had general anxiety and the first thought was "But I finnished my things at college in the beginning of july...I'm relaxed since them..." and I saw a psyquiathrist after my neurological tests went normal. I took an ansiolitic 2 weeks that stopped the spasms, but the rest was there yet. The sensibility come back a day or two later. I stopped the ansiolitic and the spasms came back. Once I was very stressed and I lost sensibility in a half of my body, or something. I saw another neuro in ER and he's following me, and besides he thinks that could be psyco, he will do a MRI of my brain, on May...Since 2 months ago I'm experienced with like bone pain. The all pains last like few seconds and it's very very random. I have lack of balance too, not much, but I notice. I noticed too that one of my legs is more skinny than the other, a bit.

I'm having troubles with my bladder since may 2015, I had 2 ITU's and took meds for that, and my bladder went crazy, much less tolerant. And I had several pain in my vulva, for no reason, in the same time. Random, too. It got like 99% better (the vulva pain) when this thing with whole body started. My gyno thought that it is Candida (I had that due to the meds to the ITU's) and I took itraconazol and fluconazol, the first one I took one every day, 25 days.

I have no idea what I have, everyone thinks that I'm crazy or something. I thought about MS too...:( But, I saw here that many of you have this neurological symptoms too.

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