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B12 questions
Jan 28, 2017
Sorry about my english its not my first language.

I use to be very active person i use to go to the gym regulary but in 14 in may 2016 its all start to change...
I remember this specific moment when i stand up from the sofa and get the dizzy and the fellings of off ballance. I went to bed and the next day its continue and i start to get anxiety and pannic atack... I though i have a brain tumor so i ask the nuerologist to give me a CT scan to the brain... I did the scan and everything came back normal. 2 Mounth later while im sitting in my home i suddenly get a tingling sensation that start in my scalp down to my neck this time i go to the nuero very terrefied and the nuero suspect MS so he give me an MRI of brain and neck... I remember the weeks before the Mri i was so scared.. The result also came back Normal. After that i also do an EMG test that was normal. I also get a burning sensation in my feet.

This time 6 mounth after the first symptom, my nuero suspect Small fiber neuropathy so i do the test by a skin biopsy and the result was "Moderate reduction of small nerve fiber"... From then until now i search for the underlying reason so far no Answer. The only thing that i was suspect is my B12 level in may 16 was 342 and 2 month ago go down to 273. My doctor ignore this and say that this level is above the limit of 200 and this is not the reason for my SFN.

I feel lost... My symptom order of appearance:
Dizzy spell
Burning feet
Hand fall asleep at night regulary
(Ulnar nerve 4 to 5 finger)
Floaters in eyes
Allodynia from the touch of clothe in all of my skin (i change all my clothe)
Twitching muscle
Knee pain some times
Sudden felling of tinitus - 5 sec max
Hard to sleep
Night sweat sometimes
Low fever bellow 36.0
Low BP - Avg of 100 on 60

The test that i do:

Brain CT
MRI 2 times including the neck
CBC including all roumotolgist factor.
Skin biopsy.
Vitamin b1 b6 b12 e c a -- all normal except b6 that was slightly above the range
Colonscopy and sigmonscopy.
Emg x 2 and Ncv x 2
Skin biopsy
I also pre-diabetes.

Every thing came back Normal.

Do you think that level of 273 of b12 can cause all of my symptom?

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