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Dear nana3quinn,

His symptoms don't seem at all odd to me, because I do have a very similar experience. Besides the foot and leg neuropathy the one thing that bothered me the most was thinking I needed new glasses and even got tested by an ophthalmologist because the optometrist thought I might have cataracts. And yes I need stronger glasses as I had not gotten new glasses in years, but nothing else was wrong with my eyes, no disease or eyeball issue at all. The optomitrist tried hard but had to admit glasses would not correct my vision.

Imagine how strange it was to discover all of the list of symptoms could be from a vitamin B12 deficiency. Do a search on B12 deficiency on a site such as the Mayo clinic, a reputable resource that isn't just selling useless solutions. Stay away from those and do not buy B12 in pill form. Look at the list of symptoms of B12 deficiency.

Be aware that B12 is not absorbed through the digestive system though all kinds of companies sell B12 pills; it MUST be injected to be effective. You might need to take your husband to a naturopath doctor to get a trial prescription, as there is no genuinely reliable test that proves a deficiency or shows how much B12 one needs to have. In a similar way, the thyroid tests show something but only knowledgeable doctors know the tests don't prove how much thyroid hormone a specific person needs.

Your description of your husband's symptoms are almost word for word the same as mine. I thought my unusually increased pain and nerve issue was from a very long ago accident that crushed my leg, plus 'old age'. My blood sugar is often a little high because I am unable to run or do aerobics, etc. I can barely walk due to what that accident did to my legs. So I have lived with that many years and know that this issue is completely different.

It felt like I was going crazy, staggering around with no balance. The severe cramping and tingling and numbness was even disturbing my sleep, waking me up in pain.

Anyway to get to the point, my endo specializes in metabolism, so when I told him I have all or almost all of the long list of B12 deficiency symptoms, he immediately prescribed B12 to be administered by injection. I figured well, if I can dig a splinter out of my hand, I can give myself shots. and yep, it was quite weird at first, but I do it.

I buy the prescription B12 vials (and the shot syringes) at a local drug store, two weeks worth at a time. Once a week, I give myself 1000 mcg of vitamin B12. and because I am getting the severe symptoms again before a week is up, I will be asking my doc if I can try the shots five days apart. Within the first day of getting the shot of B12, my nerves settle right down and I feel energetic and as fine as I can with my leg injury problems. My vision clears up, too.

So this is obviously something you can look at. The only way to know if this is a problem he has is to get injections of B12, and those have to be prescribed. Few MDs know anything about metabolism or hormones or vitamins, so ask at pharmacies if there are any doctors that prescribe injectable B12 or natural thyroid. Those doctors that will prescribe are the doctor offices to which to give a call.

Please let me know how things are going.


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