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Has anyone ever had a EMG nerve test done on their Arms ?
I had one done about 3 weeks ago and was told that i had mild carpal tunnel in both arms and to weare wrist supports at night time while sleeping.
Iíve been reading where some people are experiencing more pain now than before the emg test was done.
My pain is a lot worse and painful than before I even had the test done, so what are some of your thoughts & comments on the EMG test ?
Ive had EMGs done on my arms twice...they hurt. There is no other way to say it.

Is it possible you are experiencing pain simply because of the electrical shocks you experienced and this is still in your head? Have you called the doctor who administered the test and let him/ her know that you are hurting? Maybe the pain you are experiencing is from the carpal tunnel and not from the test?

Ive always experienced pain for a few days post test, but it seems to go away in 3-4 days. My pain from having the numbness and tingling is constant however, and that never goes away...

I hope you feel better soon.
Railroad Man,

It would be highly unlikely the EMG would increase your pain 3 weeks after the test.

My Husband has/had carpal tunnel in both hands/wrists as well as ulnar nerve involvement. He had an EMG and did not have any lasting pain from it.

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