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Was wondering if anyone experienced something like I do. I am waiting on Rheumatology to call me for an appointment, but I am going crazy.

Early November I started having burning in the vaginal area. Was checked for all STD's and treated for possible yeast and did have BV and was treated for that.

The burning would come and go. It would be around at different intensity levels for several days/weeks then go away for a few days. It was usually gone around my period. The longest it was gone was about 1.5 - 2 weeks and I did have my period during that time.

Got tested again for all STD's early December. Nothing. After about 1.5 month, the burning sensation started to spread to my face, shoulders, upper back, chest, upper arms and occasionally mild on my upper legs. Oh and my ears and also inside my ears. At some point my eyes started to burn too inside. Also my throat sometimes. ---- well basically everywhere. :(

Sometimes the burning is mild, but some areas can get pretty intense and then the area turns slightly red. Most intense are my cheeks under my eyes, my upper chest, and upper back and shoulders and my hoohaa.

My hoohaa is the worst. So red. :( Not cute! And the burn. :( Ugh. Sometimes she lightens up some, but since she has been suffering the longest and the most time, she never gets a chance to recover from it completely. Sex makes it worse. Don't even want to try it anymore.

My PCM thinks it's nerves and possible autoimmune disease since my FANA came back as very low positive (1:80). But I also have psoriasis, which could show a positive.
Just to definitely rule out things, we tested again with a Wet Test and definitely no yeast or BV etc.

So when I google burning, nerve pain and including vagina, I get Pudendal neuralgia and vulvodynia. Which honestly sound both very close to my vag symptoms. What confuses me though, I also have nerve pain in other places. Does that make sense to anyone? Any ideas what it could be? Or someone with similar experience?

I would appreciate any information I can get. This has been going on for WAY too long and I just hope I get to see a Rheumatologist soon so I can get some more test done and figure out what this is. :(

I started taking Ibuprofen yesterday and although it takes a good 2 hours to kick in, it does help a little. I took some more this morning and the pain turned into a tingle sensation after about 2-3 hrs. Doesn't go away completely, but it gets better.

PS: Another possibility would be perimenopause, but I have already been put on estrogen cream to see if that will help any. --- Just wanted to mention that.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any tips, info, uplifting words or whatever. :)

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