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Hi,haven't posted for a long time but my nephropathy starting g\getting worse a few weeks ago and wanted to see how common this is some back ground ..

Am a 75yr old male with peripheral nephropathy since 2009 due to a producer on my first it was just the feet tingling and any left side felt like I was a couple inches off the floor and need a cane to help with my balance..over the next several months it started working up my left leg with burning and tingling coming and going no pain to speak of uld feel like stone hanging there ..Dr wanted to put me on some meds but I was taking enough so said no thanks...he suggested acupuncture and gave me name of one..went twice and tingling lessened in my feet...two more and tingling gone and burning lessening .after a few more visits the tingling ,feeling of feet off the ground and burning were gone...

Durng all this I was walking twice a day ( 30 min each time) going to Silver Sneakers two hours a week and half hour of physical therapy for my shoulders and knees and lost 50 lba...still had to use a cane and leg kept changing every so often but no pain...then one day after I finished my after noon walk I had to stop there times to make it home..have no idea what caused it but I couldn't;t move and the pain in my back was niece is a RN and takes care of me and said to go to ER..after all kinds of test it was determined I had disk problems in my neck...gave me shots in my back...first time no help and the pain was bad and I could hardly walk...had to wait three weeks before could get more shots..second ones were like a switch turned off the pain... but had problems walking with out walker..

Can get around some on a cane now but in the last two months it has moved up to and into my acupuncturist or the Doctor can explain it other than my inactivity for several months had something to do with the spread..

Several questions ..

1. Could inactivity been a cause of the spread?
2. Is this fast spread normal?
3. Has Nephropathy been known to take someone down completely ?
4. Has or does it ever ebb or ease up?
5. Any ideas or suggestions foe me..

Thanks ,

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