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Hello, maybe someone here can help me. Well, I had a blood test done and it came back with a normal a1c but fasting blood glucose in the prediabetec range. Doctor wasn't worried and thinks it' a fluke. I had multiple tests done before then and it would come back normal. (I have pcos, so I have to get tested)

My diet has been really bad, lots of sugar and carbs. My stress levels have been through the roof. I take care of my disabled mom and combined with having anxiety, it's been a disaster. She needs a lot more care now which doesn't allow me to get out much anymore. I'm always stressed and always in a panic because of my anxiety, it causes me to stress eat. I'm sure I eat because of boredom too, I'm too tired to exercise and do much else after dealing with my mom. 

Well, I have been having pain, burning tingle feelings in my toes and fingers. This has made my anxiety worse, I can't tell if it' due to stress and anxiety or diabeties. The pain in my fingers is only in the tips and my pinky on both hands are mostly normal. Fingers will sometimes tingle and burn. My toes burn, sometimes comes and goes, will be in one foot or both. Feels like I came in from the cold into a warm room, that burning feeling some people get when that happens. I had that happen a few years ago, doctor suggested raynaud's but fingers and toes don't turn white or blue. I also get a odd feeling when dipping my toes in hot water, hard to explain.

I also have blurry vision, seeing things far away. It changes, bad some days, almost normal other days. Don't know if it' anxiety and stress or diabeties. I also stare at screens a lot. My doctor laughed it off and said nothing to worry about, he said it's not diabetes and people's vision can change as they age.

Does anyone experience these things with stress and anxiety or does it sound like neuropathy? I have been so obsessed with diabetes because my mother in law has stage 4 kidney diasease from not managing her diabeties. I'm scared I will end up the same, watching her health decline is scary. I always try to eat right but I always fail when the stress and anxiety get bad, which is all the time. The longest I lasted was a few months when my mom was in the hospital and I got a break from her. 

I have no other diabetic symptoms, just the strange sensations in toes, fingers tips and blurry vision. I read neuropathy can happen with prediabties, so this make me worry more.

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