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Looking for some help with my burning feet symptoms.
Symptoms just suddenly started one day last April (2019), lasted for a month, then went away for few months, and now have returned.
In addition now I also have a slight pain in toes in the mornings.

I am told that excessive alcohol can cause it, but wanted to know what would count as excessive?
I am told it could probably be small fiber neuropathy, but is there a test that can confirm it? (Nerve conduction test done and is ok)
Do the OTC ointments for neuropathy actually nourish the nerves under the skin, or do they just numb the nerves?

I am a diabetic for 20 years , althouth its in control.
(A1C ranges from 7.7 to 5.5)
Since my symptoms first started, I consistantly take Vitamin B1, Folic acid , as well as sub-lingual B12 supplements.
I even tried homeopathy which seemed to work for some time, but then seems to have lost effectiveness.

Thanks. Any info anyone can provide will help.

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