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Nerve problem
Nov 11, 2003
Last Wednesday I noticed a pain behind both of my ears and the back of my neck. I didn't injury it in anyway. Friday night I could not sleep both my arms to the elbows were mildly painful and numb and tingling. I couldn't get 5 minutes of sleep. I still have tingling and minor numbness in both arms. It gets worse when I lay down. I occasionaly get a twitching of the muscle on my left temple. For the last few weeks before I would get occasional mild nausea and a numb spot on the tip of my tongue. I went to the ER the next day they did a CT scan and head and neck xrays and blood work. The ER doctor said everything looked fine, except I had an extra rib protrussion on one of my vertebrae. The neurologist didn't think the extra rib was anything. He didn't think it was a pinched nerve either, because it was on both sides. All of the nerve tests were fine. I am going in for a cervical MRI on Thursday. Could it be ALS, MS or a spinal tumor? My mother (she was a doctor for 20yrs) thinks it sounds like TOS. I did a little research on TOS I do have a lot of the symptoms, pain and numbness if I pick up my arms and hold them with elbows shoulder high. Pain and more numbness when I hold a suitcase or something heavy by my leggs. The pain and numbness rarely radiates into the forearm or hands. Only if my forearms are crossed my hands might feel like they are falling asleep. Anyone know of anything else with similar symptoms?

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