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I'm sorry to hear about this pain affecting a child. And having to endure an EMG when you are already in terrible pain must have been terrible. It was unbearable for me, and I spent 20 years in the army. My heart goes out to all.

I have nothing definitive that can help. I can only suggest a diet that healed my system and eliminated the neuropathy that was so bad I could not walk for the better part of two years. If your child suffers from the same cause, then the diet will help. There is no 100 percent accurate blood test to prove this cause, so only several months on the diet will tell. If there is improvement, then you have the cause.

For research, look into gluten intolerance. This can cause the digestive system to not absorb nutrients properly, and this causes the neuropathy. Sometimes B12 shots or methylcobalamin B12 help. If either does, then definitely consider gluten intolerance.

For the diet, eliminate wheat, barley, and rye along with all foods that have traces of these ingredients. That includes distilled white vinegar and many other processed foods too numerous to list. Some research will yield the information.

Another diet-induced cause of neuropathy is bacterial overgrowth. I have no idea if the elevated lymphocyte count might be related to this or the neuropathy. The diet to cure the bacterial overgrowth is different from the gluten-intolerance diet in that the bacterial overgrowth diet eliminates carbohydrates, the food source for the bacterial overgrowth.

My prayers are with you all, if that's OK.

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