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[QUOTE=rstarre]Please answer this if you can. I to get such pain in my legs if i work to hard to the point where it takes my several days to recover. Complete exhaustion sometimes. I have an appointment with the Neurologist, but I can get in for another two months. My internist suspects Neuropathy. Do you legs have a burning sensation along with pain? How about total fatigue when a flare up hits?[/QUOTE]

I am sorry you have to wait so long. My pain is mostly in my feet but I do feel the effects of the PN in my legs from time to time. I asked my Neurologist about it and she told me it would progress. Before we found a drug that would take care of the pain, I did have more pain in my legs. We have to know our limits I guess and not try to go beyond what we can do or put ourselves in a position that will make us regret it later. Burning, yes, I think that is the #1 sign for everyone with PN. My pain gets so bad I am unable to do much of anything, and I am forever telling my husband how sorry I am that he has to do so much for me. The Neurologist will do some tests on you of which none of them really hurt. This is to see if there is nerve damage etc. Do you have Diabetes? this is the #1 cause of PN. There are many other causes. Mine is of an unknown cause. I hope it turns out well for you and this is not what you have. It is a horrible condition and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. I am so sorry for being so discouraging but that's the way it is. But when the right medications are found for you, you almost forget you have it. Until you have flareups. I take Lamictal and Zonegran, five others were tried before these, one each month, and each month I had such awful side affects I would be in bed for a week. :) My best to you and I hope all goes well for you.
toody64 in California

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