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I feel your Pain! about 11 weeks ago I started lexapro for depression. 9 days after taking it I had a migrain. Im 33 and used to love to walk the town do activities with my hands etc. Anyway after the two day migrain, my middle finger went numb and stayed numb for 2 weeks befre it hurt so bad then spresd to all the fingers on that hand. Next it did the same in my right hand. Then I lost mobility in my legs and kept falling alot 3 doctor 3 mri's and 9 weeks later as it got worse my doctor said it was becuase of depression. I asked the pharmasist if lexa pro and depression woud suddenly cripple someon,even a migrain, she said no. Well I think my doctor got his medical degree off ebay. After I fell for the 40th time and my hands are getting tighter yet. I demanded to see a neurolgist. I wont know the results of the head and neck scan till 17 of january, meantime I shrivel up like a raison, soon i wont be able to type. Dont ask me how im doing it now. But anyway I wanted to say youre not alone I might have MS. but what youve described sounds like a possible pinched nerve i hope thats what i have. Im very angry that im like this and if it is ms, I'll end my life before my feet and hands shrivel up. Hang inthere, i replied becuase i wanted you to know your not alone take care and god bless

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