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[QUOTE=Mason]In closing, I canít believe that with some 1000 people in this group that I canít get a couple of responses, positive or negative. Let me here from you. Mason[/QUOTE]

It's awkward to respond cuz I don't see a question to respond to.

Everyone's PN is so very different and caused by diff things, therefore they have to handel it differently depending on the cause.
I have had Idiopathic Sensoral Axonal PN ten years.
I have no cancer.
I am not diabetic.
I don't have MS, Fibro or RA and no autoammune diseases.
I do have other things.

I am sure if the person is intelligent enough to use a computer and find these boards, then they are also intelligent enough to know everything they read is not a perfect fit for their personal situation.
I read the boards thinking I am gaining from someones personal experience and I may or may not be able to use the info given. I find it all VERY helpful.
Maybe I don't read the same threads you've read but I don't think anyone is "playing DR" but rather just offering ideas. Especially tips on what to ask the Dr about.

For me Neurontin is BIG help.
It seriously holds my pain at bay.
I keep an extra month's supply on-hand at all times, since it's not something I want to run out of, in case of not being able to go get it due to being snowed in or anything like that. But I am careful to try to use as small a dose as possible to hold the pain. I took tegratol (sp) for years and it did a marvelous job at holding off my PN pain but after awhile it just made me too sleepy so we switched to Neurontin.

I see no purpose in NOT keeping the pain at bay with prescribed meds.
Pain puts stress on your body and that is bad.
SURE, I do natural things and I wish I could get rid of my PN. I'm hunting an answer and would love to stop the Neurontin but I'm not because I'm not gonna let PN pain run my life.
My PN pain would prevent my current physical therapy I'm doing for my back pain! By masking the PN pain I can try getting a handle on the OA back pain. What the heck, I wouldn't even be able to walk without my PN pain masker, with it I don't even use a cane and can walk fine.

I don't see any meds listed as taken in the original post..just suppliments.
My suppliments certainly don't get rid of my PN pain but my Neurontin does.
I certainly take suppliments though. I would think most PNer's take some regimine of suppliments besides perscriptions. After all we are all looking for an answer.
I have re-done my regimine in the last month but I have other health hassels to consider besides PN. Each of us must fit our suppliments to our person body needs. I will re-do my regimine again before FEB since I have some test results coming in (not PN related) and I will re-organize as needed per the results.

I will say I am very big on Sublingal Methylcobalamin B-12 1000 right now. I added it about 3 weeks ago specifically for my PN and I think it's a keeper in my regimine because it IS definately already helping my dry eyes even if it never shows any results concerning my PN.

There is a thread concerning information on the Omega-3 suppliments, fish oil and Flaxseed.. I think it's on the Vitimen board.

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