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[QUOTE=shambbles]Hello all,
Im a newbie. :)
4 months ago I was walking in the lobby of a local hospital when I slipped. When I stepped down on my left foot, I hit it just right as to dislocate my knee, tearing my ACL/PCL/LCL ligaments, broke the tip of my fibula and tore the peroneal nerve resulting in DROP FOOT. I was unable to have surgery as I was only 3 months out from having a HEART ATTACK. My Dr. initially told me I had to wait at least 2 years to see if the nerve would regenerate, but after having an EMG where the results weren't good he now says I can look into surgery sooner. I had 2 specially made foot braces but still can't get into a shoe. Im on elavil so the nerve pain is tolerable. Does anyone have any suggestions on alternative bracing? Surgery? Does it work? How Long will it take?
I realize my foot problem isn't life threating but not being able to walk and having HEART DISEASE IS a problem.
BTW.. im a 43yr old female who had NO previous heart condidions. NO high blood pressure, NO high cholesterol, NO family history, NO diabetes. I just didn't exercise and then some stress. (guess we all have that) So don't think it can't happen to you. Take care of those hearts. Its the #1 KILLER of WOMEN![/QUOTE]
Hi Shambbles,
I too have foot drop, results of back surgery in2002, have a afo, and if you have one please wear it all the time, as i did not have mine on one day and my ankle gave and now i have plates and pins in the both sides of my ankle. What makes me mad is I always wear it and was approching the chair it was sitting next too, and never made it. During the surgery for ankle I passed a blood clot in my lung and also dislocated my shoulder due to the fall, now facing another surgery for shoulder,rotater cuff and rips to muscle from hitting the floor when my ankle broke, but have to wait 6 months because of blood clot. I am on my 4th. none weight bering cast on ankle,because break is so bad, so please wear your afo,it happened so fast, and now all the pain, its like starting all over again,dont underwstimate foot drop, for it can cause more problems then you have now.
Best of luck cookie
Well well well. I found other people with this stupid foot drop thing. I have had it for a couple of weeks now following a microdiscectomy on my L5/S1 disc. Had a HUGE herniation crushing my nerve. I have a feeling this is either due to something during surgery or scar tissue building up. The surgery was at the end of January of this year and I didnt have foot drop until a couple weeks ago so its probably from scar tissue. I have an appointment on Friday with my neuro so Ill see what they say. What is the best foot brace to get for this? I still have intense pain in my left leg, butt and foot from the nerve impingement and now the foot drop is in my right leg so Im having a rough time walking. What do these braces do? Any exercises I can do to help? Thanks for any feedback.

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