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Hi, Please help.
I am going to try to make this long list of symptoms short without leaving anything out. I am 29/female
My smptoms started about 3 months ago & have gotten so bad so fast.
It started out with tingling pins & needles in my legs, that started to get more frequent, to the point where I would have it everytime i sat down & crossed my legs. Then I started getting it in my arms too. I would wake in the night with hands/arms/legs w/pins & needles. Then I started having what felt like "dead arm" in my left arm, and my hands (both) started bothering me mostly in the night. The best way for me to explain the feeling is it's like someone took the blood out of my hands & replaced it with sand, they are weak when I make a fist & my fingers are swollen (worse in the am). I wake up 3 or 4x a night because of this horrible feeling in my hands which has spread up my arms. My left arm is worse than my right arm. It has gotten to the point where just keeping my hands up to type bothers me, (from the armpit down) I just want to keep my hands at my sides, my arms fatigue scary quickly! The muscle under my arms feels like they are being stretched. I also now have this feeling in my right leg, around my ankle is where it is the worst, It really bothers me when I drive, like at a red light my foot just does not want to apply the pressure to the pedal. All my muscles in my arms & legs are feeling funky, like I have worked out, but I didn't, and they certainly don't look like I have worked out. I am finding it more & more difficult to use my hands (worse in the left hand) to do little things like putting the cap of a pen on, or opening a bottle of water, and my hands are very shaky, if I hold my hands out they look like a person who might have a nervous shake, but I am not nervous, and it is constant. My other scary symptom in RELENTLESS TWITCHING ALL OVER!!!! feet, calfs, legs, but, groin, stomach, back arms, hands, shoulders, butt, back, neck, face, mouth.... literally ALL OVER & it is morning, noon & night, they don't subside for even 5 minutes.

Here are a list of doctors I have seen, and the tests I have had:
Primary Doctor, Rheumatologist, Neurologist
My CBC was normal
I had blood work for auto immune diseases Lupus, Sjogrens, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc...
The only test that came back abnormal was the rheumatoid arthritis, but only slightly above normal, when I re-took the test, it came back a little higher still, but the doctor does not think it is RA based on my exam. I do have some joint pain, but that was an earlier symptom that did not completely go away, but is much less than it was. The joint pain was in my fingers, elbows ( that I still have, very sensitive to lean on) knees, and 1 side of my hip.
I was also tested for lyme disease - negative.
The Neuro sent me for an MRI of the brain & cervical spine... brain normal, and a herniated disc in my neck, but nothing else. I am have nerve conduction tests next week, upper & lower.
OK this is getting to long, I am sorry. So the main symptoms are:
arm weakness
hands tremble & cant perform fine details like normal
the need to keep my arms down at all times
(I didn't mention that my right hand is always much more cold than the left... very weird).
leg weakness
I have gotten very clumbsy
feeling like muscles are being stretched out
shaky hands
muscles very tired
hands & feet always cold
right hand colder than left
my eyes burn
I bruise very easy & have bruises for no reason
lost 10 pounds in 3 months ( I weigh 95 pounds & i am not dieting!)
The Rheumatologist thinks I may have some for of Noropathy, I don't know why... I don't know if the Neuro thinks anything, if he does, he has not told me, I only saw him once.
Does this sound like anything any of you are farmiliar with? I am really scared and would love to here from someone who has had my symptoms and is doing fine today... Does it sound like neuropathy??
Please respond!

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