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Oh my you are really suffering. I sincerly wish I could help. You ARE on the right track..looking at everything.
Keep looking!
Leave no rock unturned!

Sure it's Neuropathy.. but there are diff kinds of Neuropathy and Neuropathy is not a disease in itself. Neuropathy is simply a word meaning you have pain and weird sensations from your nerves telling you something is wrong. There are over one hundred known causes of Neuropathy. Neuropathy is actually just a symptom telling your body something is wrong. You have to find the cause of the Neuropathy. Your Dr's are giving the tests and ruleing out things and that is very good cuz at least you know what it's not. Keep asking them for tests.. just keep trying to find the cause. The cause, the reason as to why your nerves are damaged.

After the tests from the Neuro will know more about the kind of Neuropathy you have and will decide how to treat the symptoms. If nothing else they will give you pain maskers to try to mask the symptoms (the neuropathy sensations) so you are not in as much pain. That really is a relief to dull away some of the pain. Yes that's a big relief. But the Neuropathy is not going to actually leave untill the REASON you have these sensations is found. It could even continuely get worse.. you HAVE to keep looking for the reason!!!

How's your B-12 level and other vitamen levels? B-12 is VERY important to our nervous system. and often overlooked. If no other reason is found then look at threads here about B-12 (also B-12 is very important to rebuild damaged nerves), about Gluten allergies.. lots of things. Many of us have never found the reason for our Neuropathy.. but we are looking.

I sincerly wish you luck and hope they find the reason for you Neuropathy sensations soon. Welcome to the board.
Hi Sandy and Sunset. Snowmelts has some great advice. With only a hundred or so causes for this it really is possible to find your cause. I did. I asked my doctor to help me work through the list and he shook his head and said it was futile, but I knew better somehow. So I started ranking them myself and checking them off one at a time.

Like Snowmelts says, B12 is biggie indicator. If it is low or a B12 shot or tablet helps relieve pain, then you have to look at causes for nutrient deficiencies. The primary ones are bacterial overgrowth, something doctors now routinely check for when neuropathy occurs, and food allergy like gluten intolerance. It destroys the villi and renders them unable to absorb nutrients. Doctors don't check for this one mainly because they've always been taught there are severe stomach symptoms and pain. Only very recently we're finding that there can be absolutely no symptoms. There are also no really good blood tests for it yet, at least that I and my doctors are aware of.

Sorry, didn't mean to get off on a gluten tangent. Do lots of research, try everything everyone suggests that cured their pain, and eventually you will find your cause.

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