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Re: Neurontin
Mar 15, 2004
---I have a severe scoliosis and 2 herniated disks and 4 bulging. I was having back discomfort and difficulty walking but nothing I could not tolerate. One morning woke with severe numbness and tingling in hip, lower leg, ankle & foot. Foot and ankle felt like walking on broken glass and the foot had the "tight sock" feeling.
---One of the disks was pressing on the sciatic nerve and maybe other nerves as well. I Was in a great deal of pain. My GP prescribed Neurontin and because of it's description, I didn't take it. Referred to a physiatrist and the first thing she asked was why I was not taking the Neurontin as she felt sure it would help me. I started 300 MGs in morning and 300MGs at bedtime. I can take up to 900 MGs a day, but have not needed to. (Sometimes I take one in the middle of the day, but that is when the weather is changing or I have done more work than I should.) Along with the 300 MG Neurontin I take Vicodin and had immediate good results. That was 2 yrs ago. Nothing has changed as far as the back, disks and nerves, but I am no longer in acute pain unless I do not take the Neurontin. I can always tell when I am late taking it as the crepitious and tight sock feeling start coming back. I still have some pain and discomfort but nothing I can't tolerate with stretching exercises, etc.
My understanding is that Neurontin was only approved for Nerve Pain and some forms of epilepsy, nothing else. The problem seems to be that it is sometimes expected to relieve other symptomes bothering people.
So, it works for me; I hope it will do so for you, if you decide to take it.
Best Wishes,
Jen.........PS/ If you take Neurontin or Vicodin, you MUST EAT something substancial before or immediately after taking. I have accidentally taken it without eating and believe me, that is NOT something you want to do. Also, do not take any pain killers,like Aspirin, Ibuprophen, Vicodine (Prescription med), etc. when taking Neurontin unless your doctor prescribes it to expressly be taken with Neurontin. If you are unsure if something is okay to take, call your doc and get his approval first.
Re: Neurontin
Jun 13, 2004
Hi Everyone;
I take Neurotin 600mg 3x a day and Vicodin 4x a day for PN in leg and foot since back surgery 2 months ago today. I have same side effects as everyone else but not to the extreme. I did have 4 weeks of swollen foot and leg but that has finally subsided. Meanwhile NS, GP and Vascular Dr's all got a visit to make sure nothing else was going on. Like I said, swelling has gone now, thank God! I tried to skip a dose before my Vascular appointment so I could have the pain more evident while he examined me. I didn't realize how much the Neurontin was helping! That feeling of cracked glass under my toes and around my ankle and up my shin and in my butt were just horrible! The vicodine helps only with the residual back pain I have from the surgery but does hardly anything for the PN. I found that I can take both prettymuch together, I just wait maybe a half hour between. My memory is not to be trusted (as you all know with Neurontin) so I keep a pad near my meds and write down in two columns the time I take the pills. I then underline the time indicating that I did in fact take that dose. I then write underneath it the next time to take it but don't underline it yet. This way, if I wake up and have pain I only need to look at my little pad and can see when I last took what and when I am suppose to take the next dose. I reach for the med, take it and then underline the time I took it and then write down the next doses time.

I know this sounds like redundant chatter but really, this system has worked well for me and thought sharing it might help some of you who are still homebound and can try it.

I had a 3 level laminectomy and fusion with plates and screws and rods for L4-L5-S1.
So far it's been very promising! My pain was unbelievable at first (in the back) but by the 4th week not so bad with the meds. Now at 8 wks my back only hurts if I stay active on my feet or sitting for too long so I still need to rest every 3-4 hours lying down. The foot & leg pain (and wet sock feeling) is what drives me nuts.

My Dr increased the Neurontin from 300mg 3x a day to 600mg 3x a day after 3 weeks of initially starting it. The first day of 300mg and the first day of 600mg I felt really doped by it with eye pulling and dizziness but it passed in a day or two.

I now feel it is really helping me a lot and do not want to stop it yet. I see my NS on Tuesday to discuss the PN. MRI with contrast did not show nerve problem but He and I know it is from the surgery because it started emmediately after the surgery in the hospital. He had the hospital check me for blood clots in the leg because I was screaming with leg pain. So now at 8 weeks we know it is not vascular (had tests), not anything with the machinery he put in (MRI), I guess on Tuesday we will discuss physical therapy and whatever else can aleviate this nerve problem. In the meantime, I'm sure glad there is a med like Neurontin which goes right to the nerves. The vicodine does not.

I do not have to eat before or after the meds as neither hurts my tummy. (Most other drugs do, like advil or motrin.) Yes, I am a little more ditzy than usual but who cares, I was in so much pain after the surgery I could not believe it!

My system for keeping track of my med times was even helpful when my sister came to town to visit me. She would look at it and know what I took when and what to bring me in my bed.

Even though it has been several of the hardest weeks ever after surgery, I do not regret having it done. I already know I am much better for it. I no longer have my bones rubbing together in my back. And my back is straight again! (My disks had collapsed and my spine was all caved in. Oh, I forgot to mention, when I was been readied for this operation in January, I had an MRI of my entire spine and was told I needed emergency surgery on my C3 as my head was unstable. So I first had cervical surgery laminectomy and fusion with a doner bone and plating, done 2/4/04. I had to wait 7 weeks before they could do the lumbar spine.

All in all, everything is fine (except for this darn PN pain) and I'm glad to have done this, and I'm glad my Dr is prescribing meds that work!

PS Sorry for the length of this! That Neurontin really helps and I'm able to sit this long to type. By the way, to answer codycoco, the paper that your drugist gives you on the meds that tell you about the drug states that Neurontin IS prescribed for Neurapothy pain as well as for seizures.

Be well everyone, as well as you can. But most importantly, try to be happy. Try :o)
Re: Neurontin
Jul 18, 2004
I had severe nerve damage during plantar fascial release last summer. I found an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in foot and ankle disorders, and on 17 May 2004, he operated on my foot, removing a ton of scar tissue, the previously released plantar fascia, and part of the lateral plantar nerve that the podiatrist cut (it was far too damaged to repair). I'm currently in physical therapy, strengthening my leg so I can walk agin (now in a removable cast, still using crutches).

The nerve pain has come back, and my OS has been trying to treat it for a couple months now. We started with Elavil, which made me really jittery, switched to Zoloft, which was almost as bad, then stayed with Vicodin and Ambien to help me sleep at night. Finally, he prescribed me Neurontin right before the 4th of July holiday. We were travelling out of town, so I didn't want to start it in case in made me feel crappy, so I didn't--and then never started! I was a little afraid of how it would make me feel! My PT urged me to start taking it, so on Friday, I did. What is a typical maintenance dose?

I am happy to say that at 100 mg twice a day, I'm not feeling as jumpy as I did with the antidepressants. I'm a little forgetful and sleepy, but mostly sleepy, and I like that at night! I am just concerned that taking the Neurontin covers up the pain... There is potential that a stump neuroma will form from the cut end of the nerve, and if that's the case, I want the neuroma cut out. I do not want to take Neurontin for years to cover it up. My PT thinks that the Neurontin will just help us get farther in therapy for now; helping with the pain so we can do more before I say "Don't touch that part of my foot!" A few other questions: is anyone using anything to supplement the Neurontin? My OS said to use Lidoderm patches directly over the incision, and Vicodin as needed. How about Ambien? I asked his nurse, but she said to call my pharmacy--and they said to call him! I'm not taking it until I get a straight answer though!

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