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About 20 years ago, as a teenager, I severely fractured my forearm in a riding accident. Both bones were broken badly and the arm was bent sideways. It healed without undue complications, though to this day, you can see that it's not perfectly straight and you can feel something's not quite perfect under the surface.

I've had fairly little long-term trouble from the injury. There's no pain and my arm and hand are reasonably strong, given that this is my off side. (I'm right-handed and it was an injury to my left arm.) The only thing odd was that I could "lock" the thumb and the ring and pinkie fingers in place by twisting my hand in a certain position. (Carrying a heavy book, for example.) They wouldn't respond until I shook my hand and they'd be fine.

Suddenly, within the last month or so, I've started having twitches in this same thumb even as I've noticed that this hand doesn't seem to "lock" like it used to. (No twitching in the ring finger or pinky, though.) I haven't injured myself or done anything unusual in this time. It doesn't hurt and it doesn't seem to do it in response to any particular activity; in fact, I can just rest my hand on the table and sometimes it will twitch visibly. My other thumb, which, since I'm right-handed is used much more often, has never done this nor have I noticed twitches anywhere else.

Anyone think this is related to the old injury and if so, anyone think there's anything I can do about it? It doesn't hurt but it's distracting and irritating.


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