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Sometimes stress and anxiety will make it worse. What part of the foot and/or leg is it affecting you? Is it a burning sensation, tingling, electric shock type of pain, muscle cramp type of pain, etc?

Many doctors have no absolute answers or cure to this problem. They can only provide treatment in the form of medication. And, I think some can get rid of the problem via surgery or injecting alcohol into the infected nerve if the problem is too much for you. Some people opt for Chinese accupuncture and say it is effective. It all depends.

In the meantime, give it some rest, take some Vitamin B pills (esp. B-12 is known to heal nerves), do some massages on the leg/foot, using heating/cooling pads. Use magnet therapy if you like. I wore magnetic soles in my shoes and the burning sensations under the arch of my foot went away in one week, although I still experience these strange pains and aches in my leg and thigh.

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