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Hi everyone,
New here! I think I may be in the right place finally!! I was hoping someone could help clear some confusion I have about my neuropathic pain. A quick run-down: In '99 I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease on the discs between L3 and S1. An EMG/nerve conduction study showed moderate to severe nerve involvement. I was in serious pain from my lower back, through my hips, and into my legs; on both sides. I was shuffled from neurologist to orthopedic surgeon to pain managment clinic to neurosurgeon to physical therapist. I was told that I was not a candidate for surgery and sent back to my family dr. The physical therapy combined with a lot of pain meds got me out of the wheelchair and up walking with a cane. I went like that for a couple years and then started getting to where I could walk without the cane when dr put me on amitriptyline, vicodin, and 2000mg Naproxen. Now, none of that helps. and the pain is getting worse quickly. I went to see another neurologist who did another MRI and another EMG which both were normal. Now I'm confused. He said that I did not have disc disease. He said that my problems were from having too many kids...jack***. I do have 5 kids, but my pain started when I only had two. He said I was having neuropathic pain and sent me back to my family dr. She is not impressed. She pulled some strings and got me in with the best neurology dept. in town, at a lower fee, too! He can't get me in until june 10th though. But he said in the meantime for fam. dr to put me on Neurontin. I couldn't tolerate it, turned into a zombie. So now I'm on Depakote, amitriptyline, and Vicodin when needed, and Macrobid to prevent bladder infection because now I am having problems there too. But it's not enough, and the new neuro guy doesn't want to increase anything until he gets a chance to give me a complete neurological exam. Anyway, my new symptoms are: BURNING in my feet, legs, hips, inner thighs, back thigh areas, "my seat", I also have really bad tremors in my hands and arms and my hands burn sometimes, I feel like my whole body is shaking sometimes too, but my husband says he doesn't see anything, words don't always come out right, my short term memory stinks, ....I just realized how long this is I'm soo sorry.
Okay, all of that was leading to my questions, first: has anyone had back pain/related issues with neuropathy? Does anyone know if bulging discs can fix themselves? And, is there anything I can do to help this burning pain. I tried a hot bath the other night, I don't know why I thought hot water would help BURNING made it worse. I'm not looking for a cure at this point I just want something that will help me get through the day, I don't know if I can do this for much longer.
Thanks for being out there,

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