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Hi! I have had PN for about 4 years. Doctors don't know what's causing it. I'm not a diabetic. I've been on neurontin for about 3 1/2 years and am up to 1800mg (not much compared to other people Iv'e read about). Tried Topomax and I didn't last long on that. I don't have any trouble sleeping :yawn: and my feet only burn if I've walked too much. The skin on my feet is totaly numb. My skin is slightly numb all the way up to my buttocks. The tips of my fingers are numb also. The last couple months weird things have started to happen. My legs and feet are cramping and tingling, I have buzzing at night in my hands and they are also itchy, and my legs feel like things are crawling on them sometimes. My biggest problem now is my legs are so weak I can hardly walk, they shake and the flesh on my thighs hurts very bad. I have gotten so off balance that I've had to start using a cane. Even the flesh on my arms hurt. Does anyone know what to do about the weakness in the legs and the painful flesh? I think I can put up with all the other stuff if I could just walk better and not be in so much pain. Thank you for your input.

Charlene :bouncing:

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