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Chiropractor is a good idea. (One put me back together once many years ago, but the problem was not neuropathy then.)

My neuropathy developed in 2002 similar to your dad's. Fine one day and within a few months my feet hurt so bad I was stuck in a wheel chair. I went to neurologists, pain management, several doctors - everyone just shrugged their shoulders and said "live with it." That wasn't going to work for me. I hit the web and researched my eyes silly. There are over 100 known causes for neuropathy. The doc's said there were too many to bother trying to find out which one caused my problem. So I listed them myself from most common cause on down. I hit my cause within 3 months and now I'm cured.
Developing a list might help your dad. In the beginning (when the doc's were laughing at me for it) the list gave me a sense of control and purpose. If nothing else, that helped me not be depressed.

OK, your dad has ruled out all the things the doc's check for. One they don't check for yet is gluten intolerance. I found that's really high on the list of causes. Does your dad's neuropathy respond at all to B12? Sometimes mine did and sometimes it didn't. Anyway, gluten intolerance causes malabsorption and most folks (an estimated 60 percent) have no gastric symptoms. I didn't. Just suddenly I was in a wheelchair from excruciating pain. Since nobody took my efforts to find the cause seriously, no one would test for this. I just stopped eating gluten and two months later I started feeling a bit better. The third month I could walk again. I've been pain free since last October. They finally stopped laughing and started testing: I was right. Let me know if you want more info.

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