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Can anyone offer any advice or suggestions as to what I might have please?

Two weeks ago I began feeling like I had pins & needles in my two small toes on left foot, then it spread to whole leg and buttock. Now it's more of a numb feeling than the tingliness of pins & needles. Also my thigh feels like it's burning every now and then but to touch it feels the same as the other leg.
It's mainly uncomfortable rather than painful, although I have had some twinges in my hip.

My doc did a load of reflex checks and looked in my eyes for ages and said he wasn't happy and has referred me to a neuro consultant who I will see next week. He has ruled out sciatica which was the first suggestion.

Naturally in the meantime I'm wondering what the hell is wrong with me!

I'm female, aged 38, in pretty good health apart from having endometriosis and oto sclerosis, but they are both under control.

Any ideas?
Caz :confused:

Thanks for your reply and the B12 suggestion.

I will update this next week when I have seen the neuro bloke.

All the best,
Caz :)

I saw the neuro consultant today who did a number of reflex tests, blood pressure, eyes etc.

He said it could be caused by a virus or it could be a whiplash-type of injury or anything really!

He sent me for an MRI scan - one of my neck and one of the thoracic area of my spine (had that done today). He is also arranging for some 'electrical' tests to be carried out on my legs so he can compare them.

He was unsure as to whether it was a mechanical or a neuro problem but the results of the tests should point us in the right direction.

So I'm none the wiser really today but at least things are moving and hopefully we'll know fairly soon. My own feeling is that it could well be a whiplash-type of injury as I'm a driving instructor and although I haven't been in any accidents I do have to apply the dual control brake sometimes! I can't remember any particularly heavy braking but I guess you only need to be sitting a bit skewiff for these things to happen.


Glad to hear you have seen the neuro and are having MRIís. I agree it does sound more like spinal due to whiplash than a virus.

Let us know the results wonít you?

Take care :)


I am also getting these numb feelings down my left leg - I was hoping to see the Dr today, only can't get an appointment till next week.

I mainly get them when standing in one place for a period of time (eg. just doing the washing up or ironing), I've got no idea what it is, all I know is that it is vey annoying. I'll try the vitamin B12 idea as suggested on the board to see if it helps at all. I do have a feeling though that I will just have a really lame excuse given to me when I see the doctors next week.

Andrew :wave:
Well it's not whiplash! The MRI shows inflammation on the spinal cord which he thinks is Transverse Myelitis but needs to take spinal fluid to be sure.

I'm going back to see him tomorrow to have a proper chat about what needs to happen next.

Never heard of TM before so have looked it up on the WWW and I don't like the sound of it at all!

Please is there anyone out there who has been through this and can share their experience?

Caz :confused:
Hi Caz

You might get some useful information (if you havenít already done so) by clicking on Search at the top of this page and typing in transverse myelitis. There are quite a few others with the same diagnosis.

Sorry I canít help more.

Best wishes :)

Thanks for your quick response - I have already been on the Spinal Cord page and opened a thread there and had done a search to see if I can find any more info.

Well done Caz. I hope you find others who can help you and that your Neuro can give you a positive diagnosis.

Do keep in touch :)


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