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Hi Sissylisa, sorry about the delay in getting back to you, I was away for a few days.

I'm sorry to hear that despite your b12 treatment, you feel that your condition is still on the decline. I think it's a good idea to let a neurologist have a further look, it's just a pity that you have to wait until March. I think your idea about writing down your symptoms, and maybe the way they have progressed, is a good one. If you are anything like me, you end up coming out of a consultation and then remember umpteen things you wanted to say. I know that b12 deficiency can have a pretty bad effect on the memory and concentration.

Are you in the UK (as I am) or elsewhere, I know the waiting lists here are pretty bad.

I agree with you, it's seems incredible that a simple vitamin deficiency can cause so much damage, and even more incredible that so many doctors are very poorly read up on this condition. I know that I had very strong suspicions that my "unexplained neurological symptoms" were down to a b12 deficiency, but my b12 levels had to drop into the clinical laboritory deficient range, before any notice was taken. I know that so many people suffer serious problems whilst in the low/normal or borderline area. If you are like me and stay in the UK, our acceptable levels go down further that many other countries, such as the US. I hope things go well for you in March and that you feel a bit better soon.

Hi ms Jalien, you certainly are not alone and I think there are an awful lot more people who are struggling on either with no diagnosis, or are told they are suffering from stress or Chronic Fatigue. Your doctor is wrong, and Jake who responded to you is spot on, Pernicious Anaemia does have a habit of running in families, it doesn't mean your kids will develop this condition, but they are more at risk of doing so. It is one of the first questions that a doctor should ask if he suspects you have P.A. I hope that the treatment you have started will have you feeling better soon.

Hi Jake, you are right to point out that PN and PA are seperate conditions, even though it is not uncommon to have both at the same time.

I don't have Pernicious Anaemia, or at least I passed a Schilling test which is supposed to specifically identify it, but I do have a b12 deficiency. The likelyhood in my case is that the reason for my deficiency is likely to be related to the inflamation problems and diverticulitis which has shown up on various endoscope/colonoscopy examinations. I may have damage in the ilium (top of the small bowel) where b12 is absorbed.

Pernicious Anaemia is a condition where the stomach does not produce a substance called intrinsic factor. This is needed to help in the process of absorbing vitamin b12, and where it is absent or insufficient, eventually the body becomes b12 deficient. In effect, Pernicious Anaemia is not actually caused by b12 deficiency, but rather that b12 deficiency is a consequence of having PA.

I could not agree with you more when you mention the importance of starting treatment as soon as possible. So many people, like myself, end up with Neuropathy which first effects the peripheral nerves (PN) and if untreated can then effect the central nervous system. I first went to my GP over six years ago with slight occassional tingling in my lower legs, and by the time they have realised what has happened, I have constant burning in legs and arms, tinnitus and hearing loss, blurred and at times slight double vision and general muscle wastage. Had this been taken seriously a lot sooner, I would still have the active lifestyle which I loved.

I know I go on a bit about this subject, but I really think that undiagnosed b12 deficiency is a big problem which many doctors have not woken up to yet. This is despite countess reports and studies which highlight reasons for failing to identify it, and the terrible damage which often follows. Although I am new to this site, everytime I see someone posting about unexplained fatigue, in particular where there are neurological symptoms, and maybe related stomach/bowel problems, I always put my tuppence worth in. I don't want people to suffer in the same way I have when they just don't have to.

I don't know if you also have the same problem Jake, but if so I hope that you are doing OK.

Good luck to all

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