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hi graham,
thank god someone who knows what this is like,
yes i have b12- injections once a month now was getting them once a week for 2 years but the nerve damage was to far gone.They check it once every 2 months because they might have to give them to me every other week if low. i have the inherited pernicious anemia. they did a shillings test on me is how they finally found out.but it seems to me since this caused this pn that no matter what exercise i do the pain and the wasting gets worse. i think i have read all these post and sometimes i wonder about ms because it has so many effects to body as does pernicious anemia, i never would have dreamed in a million years that a vitamin deficiancy could mess up your life so bad. thanks for responding to my post go to neurologist in march he is so busy it takes forever to see him but ive noticed my body has gottten alot worse since last time i seen him. i know this may sound crazy but im thinking about making a list of differnet things that has gone wrong since my last visit to him . u take care

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