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i found out i have peripheral neuropathy when i checked into the emergency room to find out why i kept getting light-headed. i knew it wasn't a blood sugar problem, and my state health insurance was about to end. so i had to find out then.

they brought in a neurologist. i wasn't there to find out why my feet and part of my legs were numb, i thought that would eventually go away. they had no clue what caused my light-headed spells, but diagnosed me with peripheral neuropathy.

since then, the neuropathy has gotten so bad i can't stand without holding onto something; i can barely walk; i have to keep my feet elevated most of the time, as they swell after only a few minutes of being on them or sitting in a chair; and i can barely feel anything except pain. for a time, i was sleeping an hour or two at a time, before my burning feet would wake me and i would have to get up and put them in cold water. taking massive amounts of b complex and calcium magnesium from nutrilite helped a little. i found out about tramadol, and i can sleep much longer now. whew! i take it with acetominophen, as i was told it works best that way.

sorry, long intro.

i still get the light-headed spells, and my hands tingle. i started thinking it must be part of the neuropathy, but no neuropathy sites i found said anything about that symptom, and the neurologist didn't know it was part of it. but the pressure i get in my head and the tingling in my hands are definitely the same feelings i have in my feet and legs sometimes!

i went to [ [I]removed[/I] ] and looked into that device, the rebuilder, having seen the device come up quite a bit in my research. they came up with a payment plan i could live with. i spoke to terry, who confirmed that the light-headed, hands-tingling spells ARE part of neuropathy! she has it and gets them, and many of their clients do too! at least i'm not crazy! i mean, if i don't hold onto something or sit down, my legs can give out. i can collapse. and i can't get back up! i don't have enough control and ease of movement to get up from the floor. i collapsed after a job interview once, the only time i have actually collapsed, and i guess now it's best i didn't get the job, but it was part time and i thought i could handle it at the time. but i never lose consciousness when it happens. it's scary if i'm out of the house when it happens. it seems to happen more when i'm hungry, but i don't know that eating helps much. weird.

i don't know if the rebuilder is doing anything yet. i'm not getting better yet, but my symptoms are so severe, it could take longer. i believe in it though. some symptoms may be reducing but it's hard to say. i only take tramadol twice a day. i don't want to get hooked. i take it at night and when i have pain during the day.

feet swelling, must get off computer now. anyone else want to talk about these spells?

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