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Hello, I'm David, twenty one yearold male, magnus scholasticorum, great student? I don't know. But I always liked the word scholasticorum since I read a great book called Magic Mountain by some German dude named Thomas Mann.

I've had a hard time finding information on what could possibly be my problem. I hit my head on a bedpost one day, long time ago, possibly back in January; directly proceeding, I had intense, acute, brief pains shooting into specific locations at around the same area, at about the peak of the head, about three inches above the lambdoid suture in the back there. The headaches wained, tapering off gradually, and ever since I've had various symptoms, alleviated by specific activities that I will detail shortly:

--Paresthesias at about the same area as the shooting pains occurred. Sometimes when I touch the areas where the paresthesias are, the tingling sensation switches to my face, as if by touching it, some nerve in my face became activated and began tingling instead. Very wierd.

--Crawling sensations. As if the blood were pumping too powerful to my head, and with it, the skin attached to the crest of my head wiggled with the motion, rocking like waves on the sea. This, however, only occurs if I stop taking Ginkgo, a vasodilator, which is one of the alleviating factors.

--Short term memory deficits. Vaguely dim short memory. Sometimes I wonder whether there is damage, or whether I'm simply distracted all the time by the wiggling and crawling and snapping sensations at the top of my head. It's hard to concentrate with such an uproarious skull, but then again it's also hard to concentrate with an itch on the nose or the ***. Pain always dims the memory of anything but the pain itself, tinges reality with its dull red hue, lessens the pleasure of life by a fixed factor corresponding to its degree.

--Concentration problems. I swear I was once a real by gum mathematician and writer, regular Ernest Hemmingway or Doestoevsky, with a flavor all his own for the English word and a ways with flourishing images, as if from a hat. Now my head begins ting-a-linging like one of those gags you can buy at a carnival, which you put in your hand and shake an unsuspecting victim's palm shockingly vigorous with, delightfully electricious.

Previous to bumping my head, I had been taking 200 iu of vitamin E in order to relieve chronic muscle pain and fasciculations. If I didn't take it, my muscles would fasciculate the day long without relief, and my legs would burn up tight worse than two logs blazing in a firepit in the high night of the Arizona desert. Vitamin E is, correctly if I'm wrong, a bit of a blood thinner; I'm not sure if it's also a vasodilator.

Things that make the paresthesias and dyesthesia (that's what I believe is the technicological name of the wiggling sensations atop my dome) go away:

--Exercise. Getting the blood pumping playing basketball usually drowns things out, but afterward, often, a paresthesia starts up nasty at the top of my head, steadily tingling hours after, leaving me no respite.

--Vasodilators. Alcohol (Oh boy does it make my head feel good), Ginkgo (This is also a big plus. Without Ginkgo I should wish to shoot myself in the head.), Flaxseed oil and Salmon or Fish Oil, and also Boreage oil, with their EPA, DHA, ALA, and GLA--All that's missing is the LBC, haha.

So, by my thoughts, increased blood flow to the noggin hits the spot one plenty, either by increased blood volume pumped from the left ventricle in a shorter interval of time, or by widening the blood vessels up with a vasodilator like ginkgo. I read about Boreage oil today in a book at the health and wellness aisle at a local co-op, and they said something about it being very beneficial to diabetics who suffere from peripheral neuropathy, which includes symptoms such as paresthesia and other unpleasant feelings that shouldn't be felt by all acounts. So I started taking it, and can say nothing bad about it so far, although they wrote something about it reducing the production of androgens, which might make the old doohicky a bit flaccid down there, but that's alright, easy come easy go, right?

To sum:

--Began with bump on head and vitamen E taking
--Paresthesia, Dyesthesia after a few weeks, has continued for five months or so
--Possibly mental disfunction, short term memory deficit, stuttering problems--more than usual at least, although I haven't always been the smoothest talker, but a lot, I think, can be attributed to the incessant annoyance of a tingling, crawling head.
--Relieved by increasing volume of blood getting to head through exercize (but sometimes paresthesia afterward)
--Relieved by vasodilation
--Going to see a neurologist on the twentieth or so

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