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Internal Tremors
Aug 12, 2004
Several months ago, I had sensation of "bugs" crawling under my skin in my arms, then it spread to my trunk. At night I had terrible body twitches, but these symptoms seemed to subside within a week. Then I had a partial hysterectomy (left my right ovary) several days later and felt fine the first day. When they took my epidural out and gave me Percocet for the pain, I started feeling shaky and the jerks returned. I wrote it off as side effect of medication. However, after returning home, the shakiness has not subsided. In fact, it feels worse. You can't see my body shake, I just feel shaky. My muscles feel jerky when I use them (walking down steps, lifting heavy objects etc.) You can actually see me shake when I hold a pencil to write, or tense up a muscle to use it. I feel this way all the time. It never goes away. My teeth will also chatter when i put them together.

I am also having incredible insomnia. It seems my nerves won't let my body shut down to go to sleep, even when I feel relaxed and am not thinking about anything in particular. The shaking subsides considerably when my body is at rest, so the physical feeling of the shaking is not what is keeping me awake. I have slept an average of 2-3 hours a night this entire summer. If I could just sleep, I could deal with the symptoms much better during the day. I have taken Ambien off and on to help me through incredibly rough periods, but I don't like taking sleeping pills. I still don't feel refreshed in the a.m.

There is some evidence that this may be thyroid related (2 blood tests, elevated T4 of 14.7 and 13.3, an uptake with elevated levels at 6 hour reading but normal at 24 hour reading, and free T4 level of 16.4 with the total T4 12.2) (Normal T4 is 6.5-10.5 and Normal free T4 is 6.0-11.4) I was on birth control pills for the 14.7 reading, but not the others. I am skeptical that this is thyroid related. It seems to me that I wouldn't be trembling all over all the time, and I am not sure that my levels are high enough to justify the symptoms I am having. My T4 levels are going down, but it seems my symptoms are worse now than the were just after my surgery. I am in the process of seeing and endo now.

Neurologist exam normal, EMG normal, MRI on brain and neck normal.

I also have developed a hypersensitivity to sound and light. It's like my nerves are hypersensitive and abrupt changes in sound or visual stimuli make my nerves jump.

I am at my wit's end. Does this sound like a thyroid problem or could it have a neurological basis? Has anyone else had anything like this? Is it possible that I am having a permanent reaction to the anasthaesia, the epidural, or the percocet?

I just want to go back to the way that I was feeling before I had my surgery. I want to be able to sleep when I want to, day or night. I want to be able to relax. It's like my body is always in high gear and I can't ever settle down. Help!

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