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... Hi Everyone, I have Ulnar nerve problems. It started over a year ago and its not really gone away. Here is what i have had done and if anyone has any kind of similar story please contact me if you have any advice: 1: Left arm ulnar entrapment at elbow. Had an operation called an epicondelectomy (they remove the end of your funny bone). Weeks later I had the same... (4 replies)
Looking for advice
Jul 27, 2012
... legs, muscle twitches, charlie horses in thighs, muscle weakness, shooting pains in arms, legs, fingers for 8 months now. It all started last Nov when I got very ill. Was told had a viral infection turned into flu. ... (18 replies)
... fingers, the bottom of my index finger has always been numb after the surgery, a little tingling when I touch the palm where surgery was done, and the side of the long finger next to index is a little sensitive. ... (3 replies)

... that is just plain freaky. If I were you I would stick it out a while longer with the Lyrica unless the numbness gets worse. Having been back and forth on these 2 meds I really believe the Lyrica is a superior product, at least for me anyway. This quick change in numbness is pretty weird. ... (63 replies)
... Slight nerve pinching. If I raise either arm above my head for a minute, it pinches in the shoulder region and my fingers begin to tingle. If I put any pressure on my funny bone area of either elbow, for even 10 seconds, my hand can go numb. ... (1 replies)
... the antibiotic Septra...with the first pill. It progressed from burning hands and feet to shooting joint pains, to toes I could not lift without severe pain, to fingers that would not straighten, to a plodding and unsteady gait. It peaked in the fall of '91 and gradually went away. I had lots of tests but no treatment. ... (8 replies)
... In Jan 2004 he sent me to a pain management doctor for trigger point injections, which started in Feb. I've had 2 sets of injections, first on the left, then on the right. The PM Dr. started my with PT who has dealt with people who have had my injections. ... (1 replies)
... begins to feel strange. It's not painful or numb or tingly. The best way I can describe it is as when a body part is "waking up" from being asleep. ... (2 replies)
... followed by a terrible car accident hurt my C spine bad PT for 2 yrs. No surgery though they said to Young back then though No impingements sp? ... (24 replies)
Cymbalta Helps SFN
Apr 17, 2012
... I want to share my latest experience with Cymbalta in hopes it helps someone else. I had taken Cymbalta for close to 3 years, ever since I was diagnosed with SFN. I took it along with just 300 mg 2 times a day of Gabapentin and was pretty much pain free (even though my SFN has progressed a lot and now my hands too are quite numb). Awhile ago I cut back from 60 mg to 30 mg a... (3 replies)
... earable! The pain has gotten worse everyday instead of better. I am having sharp shooting pains from my elbow to my hand. After the shooting pain I can't move my fingers and my entire hand goes completely numb. Today the pain is so sharp and intense I can't even lift my arm up without screaming and bawling like a baby. ... (2 replies)
... uMMA the last 2 are improtant becuase if you are in the normal low levels these will be elevated if you have a defieciency in the cells........ ... (7 replies)
... i just went to the docter yesterday afternoon for the same reason my pinky and ring finger have been numb for 6 days so i thought i would get it checked out , and my docter who has been my doc since i was born , told me that it was just a pinched nerve and that the numbness should go away within 3 weeks or so , but if not he told me 2 go back if its not better in a month and... (11 replies)
... About twoo weeks ago my feet the toes mostly are tingly and so are the tips of my fingers. Doesn't hurt and no burning but get kinds numb and it goes on and off all day. Worse when I stand sometimes. ... (3 replies)
Neurontin users
Jan 16, 2005
... ch, and I have no sensory feeling in my feet at all and my legs and buttocks have dulled sensation. I have to use a cane because I'm off balance. The tips of my fingers are numb and my hands are weak. ... (115 replies)
... t it causes the pain in my feet to go into hiper drive. I got carpul tunnel 4 years ago and now its seems to be flaring up even more because I'm waking up and my fingers are numb then painful later on. I'm going for an EMG on the 15th of this month and I realy don't know what that is? ... (5 replies)

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