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Hi. I have been having different types of sensations in my hands, legs and feet. At first it started with tingling in my feet and legs and eventually progressed to my hands. Now I have pins & needles sensations mostly in my feet and hands. The best way for me to discribe the feeling is that I feel as if I have just walked on a hot surface such as concrete that has been exposed to the hot sun. My feet basically feel as if they are slightly burned. The palms of my hands feel the same way, but with the pins & needles also. My hands and feet get cold easily. Sometimes, even now with the warm weather, I wear socks to bed because my feet are so cold. I also feel as if bugs are crawling underneath my skin on my legs. The sensation only last for a few seconds. I also have tightness in my right calf muscle. Sometimes my calf hurts with radiation into the back of my heel and ankle.

I went to my doctor and had bloodwork done. He said that everything came back "excellent". He said the next step was a NCT or Nerve Conduction Test. I am going for the test on Wed., Sept. 22nd. Has anyone ever had this test done? What will the test determine? Does anyone have these symptoms? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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