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Hi What a mess,
I did go today to the foot dr. and for the first time my w/c nurse called me this morning and said she could not make it for my appt;, so that was fine with me, so I went and he read my evaluation and said I can not go back to work, because going by eval. it states I can not work 3 hours a day and that I was high risk, He agrees and told me to have w/c nurse call him. Also when she called me in the morning to tell me she could not make it, she was asking me if I had any epidurals or gone to pain management, and I said what, I have had 6 epidurals, and went to pain managment already. I think she got a copy of my evaluation, and was covering all her bases. I already knew that the dr. was not sending me back to work because he said its been 2 years and he does not see any improvement and said I have so many things going on, that he was sure the eval. was going to show what he already knew, that work is not going to happen, too many things that make me a really high risk. You are saying you have nerve pain, my sister has fibromyagia, and her dr. gave a new med. called cymbalta, and she says it helps with her nerve pain and her moods. She says this is the best she has felt in years, maybe you should mention this drug to your dr. and see what they say. They gave it to me but I cant take it with all the other drugs I am taking, but I am ready to try it, it has really helped her.
Hope all is well
That's it Snowmelts:
I though so when the pain was happening to me. But I found many roads. I spoke with therapists and Doctors. But in the long run I did something about it. I researched medications, spoke to people about their problems, and finally I found a medication that worked. I used Prozac for a long time but it seemed that it put my nerve endings on edge. PAin reacts in cycles. The more pain you experiance the more depressed you get. At some point I had to accept that a possible mental disorder such as Chronic Pain Disorder was the problem. All that means is learning new ways to cope with your pain. It is my understanding that you recently had surgery. Sometimes recovery takes longer with differant nerves. Don't give up. When this happened with the back and neck I found that looking back on this problem opened many opertunities. Im back and ready to kick butt. I found a new medication for my depression that helps pain and foot problems from diabetes. It's called Cymbalta and it has reduced my pain by 50%
LIfe is not over talk with someone. You will get better.
Good Luck

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