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[COLOR=Indigo][CENTER][B]Hello Stockcarsrus :wave: [/B] [/CENTER]

[INDENT]I am sorry to hear that you haven't found the cause of your pain. Believe it or not sometime these things can take time to get a diagnosis. I had my pins and needles for over a year before my doctor took me seriously and let me go and have an EMG. But I am also thinking that perhaps if I did have the exam in the very beginning that the cause might not have showed up on the test. Maybe their is a possibility that these tests don't show the very first stages of nerve damage or neuropathy's. This is only my mind wondering..... gosh it never

But about the Neurontin, this medication does take some time to get into your system to start working. I did use this med last year, but this year I am using Topamax. I just wanted to let you know to try not to miss a dose of the Neurontin and to take it as prescribed and hopefully in time it will give you some pain relief. I do wish you the very best.[/INDENT]

[CENTER][B]:angel: Jeanne :angel: [/B] [/CENTER] [/COLOR]
Posterolateral Fusion & Infuse with Laminectomy on L4,L5,S1 June 2003
Instrumentation = 2 Rods, 6 Screws, 2 Disc Spacers
[U]Lumbar MRI 1/20/04[/U]
Encasement of the thecal sac at L4-5 level by enchancing soft tissue, consistent with epidural fibrosis.
Displacement of the left S1 nerve root, epidural fibrosis.
[U]Lumbar Myelogram 2/26/04[/U]
L4-5 non-specific soft tissue is noted in the dorsal & ventral epidural space.
L5-S1, there is non-specific soft tissue noted in the ventral epidural space slightly displacing the dural sac posteriorly.
[U]EMG 9/13/04[/U]
Distal Peroneal Neuropathy Bilaterally
Bilateral L4-L5 Radiculopathy
Straightening of the Normal Cervical Lordosis.
Mild Congenital Narrowing of the Spinal Canal.
C4-5, C5-6, C6-7 Herniated Discs
C4-5 & C5-6 , Cord Flattening at these levels.

[B]Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Diabetes,
Anemia, Asthma, Acid Reflux, Migraine's[/B][/COLOR]

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