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I'm 25 years old and several months ago I started feeling a slight achy, tingle in my lower legs particularly during inactivity and in my hands (very little in the hands). Then in the last 6 weeks or so my fingers would bet numb with simple little things like holding the steering whell, writing for a few minutes, etc. and really anything that involved my arm being at an angle. Particularly my pinky and ring finger and a "line" of tingle/numbness through my arm to the shoulder. The frequency and intensity has excelerated quited rapidly and the numbness and pain can last for hours or all day. Nothing I do can rid myself of it. My legs have increasing too, but it doesn;t seem to be at the same rate. Aside from haveing that achy and tinlgy feeling my legs (mainly knee down) also feel warm, like if you put one of those vibrating massgers on them, but not the same intensity, if any of that is relevent.

At first I thought it was my circulation, so I tried movement, massage and position changes with no change whatsoever. Just in case it's related, I've been diagnosed with arthritus in my jaw and the discs are deteriorating. I saw my GP who scheduled various blood tests(not sure what) and MRI's of my brain and the surrounding spinal area, all of which turned up neagative. Next week I see the nuerologists who he said would probobley do some type of nerve test. Does any of this sound Familiar to anyone? What kind of questions should I ask the nuerologist? This is pretty foriegn territory for me and I'd really appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank you and take good care of yourselves.
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[INDENT]I have some of the same problems as you. Only my hands go numb, not the entire arm. I did have a nerve test called an, EMG and they didn't find any nerve damage with the one arm. I do have cervical injury's that are probably causing the numbness in my hands, as well as arthritis in my shoulder's and tendonitis in rotator cuffs.
I also had the EMG of both legs and they found nerve damage to both legs. I had also started a thread but nobody has replied to it yet. My neuro surgeon has referred me to a neurologist. He stated that the doctor will order more testing from my report and see if their can be any surgery that would benefit me. I also believe the longer that you have the damage the more likely it will be permanent. A lot of the time doctor's prescribe instead of ordering the correct tests to find the cause of the pain. This is what happened to me. I have been on Topamax for my nerve pain for over a year now, before I could persuade my doctor to order the EMG's.

One thing to keep in mind when having any testing is to always get copy's of your reports. You are entitled to these reports. They will come in handy if you want a second opinion. Also they sure are great to have when it comes to research. If you do have any MRI's or Cat Scans, etc., you also should get copy's of these films. As for what to ask your neurologist, that's a tough one for me. I can only prepare myself for my appointments once I have a report in my hand and have done my homework. Basically I just listen to what they tell me my test results were and then on my next visit they sure do listen to Good Luck at your appointment next week.[/INDENT]

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Posterolateral Fusion & Infuse with Laminectomy on L4,L5,S1 June 2003
Instrumentation = 2 Rods, 6 Screws, 2 Disc Spacers
[U]Lumbar MRI 1/20/04[/U]
Encasement of the thecal sac at L4-5 level by enchancing soft tissue, consistent with epidural fibrosis.
Displacement of the left S1 nerve root, epidural fibrosis.
[U]Lumbar Myelogram 2/26/04[/U]
L4-5 non-specific soft tissue is noted in the dorsal & ventral epidural space.
L5-S1, there is non-specific soft tissue noted in the ventral epidural space slightly displacing the dural sac posteriorly.
[U]EMG 9/13/04[/U]
Distal Peroneal Neuropathy Bilaterally
Bilateral L4-L5 Radiculopathy
Straightening of the Normal Cervical Lordosis.
Mild Congenital Narrowing of the Spinal Canal.
C4-5, C5-6, C6-7 Herniated Discs
C4-5 & C5-6 , Cord Flattening at these levels.

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