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Help :(
Oct 11, 2004
I don't even know where to start here!

For the past 4 years I've had alot of problems.. muscle/joint pain, tingling sensations UNDER my skin (mostly in my back and rib area), increased sensitivity to certain areas on my skin (mostly my upper back), etc.. just alot of problems. I've been tentatively diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but alot of other things haven't been ruled out as of yet (such as MS). I was just diagnosed with interstitial cystitis this past Thursday after undergoing a cystoscopy/hydrodistention. I'm still in pain from that procedure.

I have the "shakes" constantly. My hands are the worst. They tremble pretty badly.

My doc is sending me to a neurologist because I started getting these burning/tingling sensations on the bottoms of my feet.. also my tongue and upper part of my throat keep getting this numb sensation. It started a couple weeks ago. But I can't get in to see the neuro until the end of next month.

Over the weekend, I've been having some very odd sensations going on. From about the middle of my right buttcheek, down to the area where your butt meets your thigh, it's doing the burning and tingling thing now. It hurts to sit. There's no rash or anything, just burns and tingles. I noticed this morning that the sensation is also starting to go down the back of my right thigh and on the right side of the vaginal area, though it's not as bad in those areas (yet). Also, around the rectal area, when I have a bowel movement (sooo sorry to be so graphic, but it's the only way to explain it), that whole area down there goes numb. It seems to be brought on by the "pushing".

I've just got alot of strange sensations going on, and I'm not liking it one damn bit here. I'm at the end of my rope, I swear. Too much is going wrong with me at one time.

What in the heck is wrong with me?????? The neurologist my doc is sending me to specializes in MS.

Help :(

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