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[COLOR=Indigo][CENTER][B]Hello Karie :wave: [/B] [/CENTER]

[INDENT]I am thinking that you were probably hospitalized for back pain as you really didn't state that in your post. But you did state that after two months you would experience both back & buttock pain. These are signs of either a bulging or herniated disc or disc's. As for the sensation of the bug crawling with the itching, this usually involves nerves. I have also had this sensation along with the burning. With all the symptoms that you describe it sound more likely that you have a herniated disk. But their is even a possibility that you have stenosis which doesn't give much room for the nerves and can also cause these problems as well. The neurologist will probably send you for an MRI or CT Scan. Based on the finding of that test he/she will then decide if further testing is needed.

The neurontin is usually the first choice of med's prescribed by doctor's for nerve pain. It does take a while to get into your system before it begins to work. Then it also takes time to adjust the patient's correct dosage to diminish the pain. If you are still having much nerve pain then maybe you should follow your doctor's order's and increase the dosage.

I wouldn't worry to much about surgery at this time. Believe it or not this is a long process. Your doctor will only mention surgery immediately if something severe shown up on your films. From what you stated you are not having any of those symptoms, and they usually include Cauda Equina (loss of bladder or bowels). Usually they try al other methods first before they suggest surgery. But first things first, you need to find out exactly what is wrong... Just make sure that the neurologist sends you for either an MRI of CT Scan. I wish you the very best.[/INDENT]

[CENTER][B]:angel: Jeanne :angel: [/B] [/CENTER] [/COLOR]
Posterolateral Fusion & Infuse with Laminectomy & Discectomy on L4,L5,S1 June 2003
Instrumentation = 2 Rods, 6 Screws, 2 Disc Spacers
[U]Lumbar CT Scan 9/24/03[/U]
The thecal sac appears to be deviated slightly to the left around L5.
Mild posteior subcutaneous edema.
L3-L4 mild circumferential disc bulge.
L4-5, L5-S1, mild disc bulges are noted.
Follow up MRI recommended. (Neuro surgeon said report was incorrect)
[U]Lumbar MRI 1/20/04[/U]
Small amount of post operative fluid collection at level L4 which does not appear to communicate with the thecal sac.
Encasement of the thecal sac at L4-5 level by enchancing soft tissue, consistent with epidural fibrosis.
Displacement of the left S1 nerve root, consistent with epidural fibrosis.
[U]Lumbar Myelogram 2/26/04[/U]
Mild indentation on the subarachnoid space is noted at the level of L4-5 & L5-S1 where there is non-specific soft tissue slightly displacing the subarachnoid space.
[U]Lumbar Post Myelogram 2/26/04[/U]
L4-5 non-specific soft tissue is noted in the dorsal & ventral epidural space..
L5-S1, there is non-specific soft tissue noted in the ventral epidural space slightly displacing the dural sac posteriorly.
[U]EMG 9/13/04[/U]
Distal Peroneal Neuropathy Bilaterally
Bilateral Chronic L4 versus L5 Radiculopathy
Straightening of the Normal Cervical Lordosis.
Mild Congenital Narrowing of the Spinal Canal.
C4-5, C5-6, C6-7 Herniated Discs
C4-5 & C5-6 , Cord Flattening at these levels.

[B]Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Pre-Diabetic,
Anemia, Asthma, Acid Reflux, Migraine's[/B][/COLOR]

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