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Thanks again for the 'words" they really brightened my day.You know, have you checked out the possibility of RSD(reflex sympathetic distrophy)?What you are describing as far as symptoms really does sound very much like it.Actually, when the bizarre pain in my L arm and through the shoulder blades first started, my NS thought that it might be the beginning stages of RSD.But as things progressed, it was not showing some of the classic signs so he ended up Dxing the central pain syndrome which fit me to a T(unfortunetly).I however DO have RSD in my R knee and on down through the of the big signs I have with the RSD that i do not have with the CPS is the swelling.i also have a vasomotor malfunction in that leg which is causing the entire leg to swell up somewhat but the swelling in the knee is huge!I also have what is called a Bakers cyst behind that knee which is causing a whole different set of problems and is considered pretty much inoperable at this time as people with RSD have to be very very careful about any surgical type procedures done on the affected extrmity or pretty much anywhere as when you start cutting into the skin of people with RSD, you can create a whole new set of pain problems.I have damage to the sympathetic nervous system as well as all the other crap,which is causing the sympathetic pain in my legs and other places.Sympathetic nerve pain is hidious and the most bizarre type of pain as it also causes severe and wierd sensations along with the pain.Basically my body is a mess as a result of the spinal cord surgery.every day it is like a whole new horrid adventure as i seem to get some brand new strange or bizarre type of intense sensation or pain somewhere.this type of pain seems to like morph or evolve into strange new and exciting pain and sensations almost daily.It has just been such a fun and exciting adventure in hell.i hope someone can actually,finally Dx you properly.why don't you scroll on down to the RSD board and read some of the threads and ask some questions there?the folks there are extremely caring and very helpful.Good luck,and please keep me posted at what you find out,K?marcia

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