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Hi there minidan, sorry to hear you're having so many problems-my son is also having similar problems-see my post of 7th Dec. for more details. It sounds as though you do have PN (peripheral neuropathy) or some sort, the Nerve Conduction Study you are waiting to have done will confirm/rule out actual nerve damage, so it'll be interesting to hear of the results. From your story, at a guess, I'd say you've either stretched/compressed a nerve/some nerves in your wrists which accounts for the pain symptoms you are experiencing. (my son has nerve pain from compression/entrapment after plaster casting his legs after surgery) It can help taking additional Vit B supplements (they are vital for a healthy nervous system), esp.Vit's B2, B6 & B12. (just don't overdo them)
A health food shop will have a good all-in-one B group supplement. My son's also taking Amitriptyline, as well as Neurontin (that can make you very groggy but can be helpful in nerve pain), & Valium for spasms. They are helping somewhat as they can take a while to 'kick in' and start working, so give your drug some time. If it is PN that you have & you don't have nerve damage as such, (if it's from a compressed/stretched nerve for example), it can heal over time, that's what I've been told anyway! My son's foot is also involved and has similar symptoms to yours. It must be awful to go through, I certainly sympathise with you & wish you a speedy recovery-hang in there, won't you!!
And you are not being paranoid, if you are feeling pain, then something's obviuosly not right. All the best. Amanda.
ps-I've read that the sooner you seek treatment, the better the chance can be of recovery. (usually) Also, try Hydrotherapy in warm water & stretches, you must keep active as much as possible-see a physio for some good range-of-motion exercises, that can help with the muscle atrophy, just keep the injured/painful areas moving as much as you can stand. (go gently though) Hope this helps!

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