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Please help....
Dec 16, 2004
For almost 2 weeks now I've been having the following symptoms: I woke up early from sleep, and for an hour and a half I felt the left foot very cold, almost not able to warm up. And this was under the covers. For the whole day, I felt it go from hot to cold, hot to cold. I can't really say it feels numb. I also felt my leg go through a very light tingling sensation, just for seconds. The tingling sensation goes from my thigh down to the ankle, but from the side. Then I would feel some dull pains. I exercise regularly and the day before this started I had attempted this new exercise. I'm 28.

Now I feel the same thing on my right leg. It doesn't feel heavy - just that cold/hot sensation. Actually more cold than hot - as if there's a breeze on it. And moreso from the ankle down. Actually it feels a bit "frozen." But I can move it.

Then I get these throbbing pains behind my left and right side of my head. I think they are migrains since for the past 2 weeks they come and go. I got a hair cut a couple days ago and left the salon with my hair not too wet, but not all dry. I also get this "ants crawling" sensation on my head too, mostly on either side of the head, and not the whole head. But migraines can cause that sensation, right?

I don't have health insurance, but if it's something to worry about I'll find help. But does this sound like something I should worry about?

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