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Ok, bear with me, this may be a long post.

About the first week of September, right before a scheduled colonoscopy (because of chronic constipation problems), my wife started getting a very bad and prolonged pain in her head, kind of a migraine, but again, prolonged -- for about 3 DAYS.

It got so bad at one point, she went to the hospital the next day and got herself a workup but eventually left after a non-NSAID pain reliever was given by injection.

Well, she had the colonoscopy and after it, she experienced the same pain in her head, and in an act of desperation, so to speak, she sought the help of a chiropractic doctor.

Now, at this point, she was starting to feel a BURNING sensation in her [B]head[/B], [B]face[/B] and [B]mouth[/B].

The chiro worked on her and at some point during this treatment, she started experiencing the BURNING in other parts of her body, in her limbs, and torso as well as the scalp and neck.

[B]This also coincided with about the same timeframe in which she ceased taking oral contraceptives for the first time in 10 years.[/B]

She feels as though one adjustment in particular really set her body off, and actually she started to feel a sensation of an internal tremor.

Here is what we know so far after NUMEROUS doctor visits, CAT scans, and many pints of blood being taken:

* It is not immunological in nature (lupus, etc.) A rheumatologist ruled this out.

* It is not MS - MRI's taken also showed no lesions, and she has no real muscle weakness or lack of coordination. More than one neurologist concurs.

* MRIs have failed to show a compressed nerve in any areas that would normally cause parasthesia in these areas. A sonogram administered by a neurological technician at her current chiropractor said her cervical spine has several inflammed areas. No corroborating data was supplied to us, and her neurologist -- until he sees them -- considers the tests dubious.

What we DO know is that she was injured, along with me, in a car accident last year which ruptured and herniated her L5/S1 disc. She had experienced pain in her legs and back before but NEVER the symptoms that I have described.

We are coming up on 5 months now of mental and physical anguish, and even with continued chiroprctic care from a more conservative and caring doctor, and occasional PT and massage, the symptoms wane somewhat but never go away.

At least the headache went away...

Has ANYONE experienced what my wife has been going through? Ever KNOWN anyone who has experienced this???

Any feedback at ALL would be very much appreciated. We are at our wit's end.

Thanks :)

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