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Hi all,

I have had an MRI on my lower spine, MRI to check for MS. All of the usual blood tests for thyroid, diabetes etc they have found nothing... I have electric buzzing that is constant and now sometimes shooting pains in my feet and lower legs. My calves are so tight in the morning that I have a hard time walking until I get them stretched out. If I sit for a period of time, when I get up they are tight again and of course the buzzing that never stops.

I was speaking to my friend that I grew up with and she was telling me that the house that I lived in as a child was torn down and taken away and treated like toxic waste. There was high levels of asbestos and formaldehyde in the house. The town that I grew up in has basically become a haven for cancers and unexplained illnesses due to the amount of oil and diesel fuel that was found in the ground water because of spills covered up by the railroad. The water and soil are extremly contaminated. I lived in the house for approximately 9 years.

My baby brother has recently found that he has restless legs mostly at night, and both of his hands are sore and he can hardly grip anything. My best friend had such severe migraines, and they found brain lesions. My other brother has had a completely numb left leg for years that they have found no explanation for.

I was wondering if it is possible or if anyone knows if the above problems with our house, soil and water could be the culprit. I am seeing a different neurologist on Jan. 14 and was going to mention the above to him, but not sure if it is crazy or not. I was also wondering if cancer can cause the above symptoms that I have.

Thanks for any comments or opinions

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