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Re: Pain Management
Jan 14, 2005
Prayer is my number one weapon and I do believe I will be healed but in God's timing. I sense this as a testing time and so I wait upon Him and his timing.

I am taking a safe dosage of Percoset. I've done my homework. A safe dosage is a maximum of 4,000mg acetaminiphen per day. I take 325 mg/X 6 = 1,950mg/day...well within the safety limits. I take them at equal intervals with lots of water. That's essential.

I won't even TOUCH oxycontin. I was once horribly addicted to it and I'll NEVER take that drug again, (unless I'm on my death bed).

The best drug I found was a drug which actually causes no euphoria whatsoever but absolutely KILLS the pain spinal injuries inflict. It's methadone, wihch is used for drug addicts BUT also for cancer patients and spinal cord injuries.

I loved it because I felt normal and human again...and could function. Sadly, I broke out in horrible hives...I'm allergic.

Then they gave me time released morphine pills. I can take morphine through a drip but can't tolerate it in the GI tract. I curl up in the fetal position and pray for death. I don't know why but morphine in my stomach produces horrible cramping.

Accupuncture is out. I'm not comfortable with that method, (and I'm not real fond of needles).

I have a total body massage machine; it wasn't cheap. It gives complete massage from head to toe just as good as a professional would but I can have it anytime I need it. It was a good investment.

Charlene, I can't do the bike exercises. I'm so weak I have to be wheeled in a wheelchair if we go out. Around the house for very short distances, I can manage with a cane. I can't walk the halls of the clinic or do bike exercises.

My legs are beginning to demonstrate paralysis. They feel like jelly.

Your symptoms sound a LOT like mine otherwise. I've been DX'd with Fibromyalgia and RA both and I think the Dr/s are crazy. They've said I'm 100% disabled but the DX is WRONG. It's neuropathy and I believe it stems either from autoimmune dysfunction or an injury to my spine about 3 1/2 years ago. I had a pretty bad injury, leaving me in considerable pain. I think that triggered it or at least, aggravated it.

Bad genes. Bad things that happen to you... Whadya do?

I avoid the heavy duty meds but would prefer something long-lasting like a patch for pain relief, so it could bypass the liver and kidneys.

My stomach is so sensitive, I can take Percoset but for some reason, can't tolerate Tylenol 3's or 4's or Morphine. I can take morphine by IV fine.

Go figure....

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