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Re: Neurontin users
Aug 28, 2005
:wave: Hi Karie,

Yea I have been looking for you. I'm sorry you've been in so much pain.
If only our bodies lit up in the areas where the pain occured so people could see maybe we would get more understanding. I certainly don't want to complain about anything now so I will have to contact my "para leagal" and find out what I do and how to do it.

There is a new clerk in the school office too. Sort of my assistant. She's 59 so we're calling ourselves the senior citizens center. The office was a mess and we cleaned for one whole day. That was back breaking. There are no "keyboard" trays for us to work from so now I have serious issues with my elbows and my hands and ams are aching. I hate to use the term "killing me" like so many do because of a close friend who died from cancer, so I'm careful about that term!!! Anyway, I've put in a request to Risk Mangmnt for the trays and we'll see how fast they move on it knowing they're dealing with the "cry baby"! I'm sure my reputation has preceded me! Then there is the Peroral (sic) in my right knee from that "miss movement" in my previous office. That isn't good either. I get concerened about "drop foot".

Anyway, yes it is good to have a different kind of tired after work. It's good to drive a different way to work, and to have a different work environment, and different people. I CAN make it two more years.

Most of the parents who come in to register their children are spanish speakers. But with my limited spanish, my clerk is fluent, and the parents limited english we get by.

Hang in there, eaiser said than done. I know. I had to give coming in here and typing a lot of thought, but I missed you last week.

Stay dry and talk to you later.


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