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Re: Neurontin users
Jan 16, 2005
Hi Cathy!
It's nice to talk to someone and compare pain and meds. The neuropathy causes my legs to be very weak, wobbly, the flesh is sore to the touch on my thighs and shins, my feet burn and hurt if I walk too much, and I have no sensory feeling in my feet at all and my legs and buttocks have dulled sensation. I have to use a cane because I'm off balance. The tips of my fingers are numb and my hands are weak. I also have some kind of auto-immune disorder that started before the neuropathy. My doc thought I had rheumatoid for about 5 years and then said he's not sure what I have. My whole body hurts most of the time, not real bad but most of my joints ache. I think I have fibromyalgia but doc says no. I take plaquinnil (spelling?) and an NSAID for joint pain and swelling. I also take serzone for depression and klonopin for anxiety. I'm only 41 and the joint problem started when I was 32 and the neuropathy when I was around 37.
I had to jump through hoops with social security and it took me 2 years to get SSI even though my doc signed papers saying I'm permenatley disabled. SS is quite a piece of work. They treat you like a criminal. Thank God I have a wonderful man that takes good care of me.
Please! let me know how your doing and how the acupuncture goes. So far it's helping me. Hang in there with workers comp. don't give up! (Why are your arms hurting?) Charlene :wave:

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