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Re: Neurontin users
Jan 26, 2005
Hi, gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley. I'm not gluten intolerant according to the latest available blood tests. I believe the Promethius Labs test is accurate, but it is not the gold standard (a colonoscopy & biopsy) yet. Their gluten series test was less than $300.

Folks who are allergic to gluten end up with undiagnosed vitamin deficiencies due to the deterioration of the intestinal lining. I first experienced neuropathy at 45.
I found out my neuropathy was nutrition-related when a shot of B-12 helped. Eventually the shots stopped working, so I don't think just because B-12 doesn't help does not mean the neuropathy is not diet related. Methylcobalamin pills helped for awhile, but they too lost affect.

I went on a gluten free, dairy free diet just because I didn't have anything else left to try. My doctors said I was wasting my time. One even chuckled out loud at the thought that I would find any relief. I say if the doc's aren't giving you any explanations, try everything everyone on the web says worked for them. That's what I did and found this. Hope it works for you, too. If you go gluten free and dairy free stick with it - NO CHEATING - for six months before giving up. And be sure to add a B2 supplement.

I didn't try getting off the Neurontin until the pain was reduced to a tolerable level. While taking it I had the usual side effects of brain fog and forgetfulness. A month after stopping it completely I was hit with anxiety. Horrible anxiety that was relentless and impacted my job. The doc gave me Zoloft and I was back to normal. The brain fog eventually cleared, but then I couldn't get off the Zoloft without the anxiety coming back. Every three months I'd try to wean myself off it. About the third or forth try I did. No more anxiety and the memory is finally coming back. But also I found out the diet had been devoid of B2 (needed for good memory) - something I'm angry at all my doctors about because I asked them what nutrients I was missing by being grain and dairy free. They ALL just shrugged their shoulders and said "Nothing." What the heck are they learning in med school if it's not basic nutrition? I guess I better get back on the search and find out what else grains and dairy are the only source of. Good grief. This is a never-ending battle. And I have lost all respect for doctors.

Oh yea, I get some burning if I don't avoid all chocolate too. Devastating.

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