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I see you have no replies yet..I feel so bad for you!!
I have been taking something called methyl b12 pills that really help with burning nerve pain.As far as the other severe pain you speak i wish i knew what to tell you but i dont!!Are you in physical therapy?Even though it may be painfull it really wil ehlp you in the longrun!
I had carpel tunnel relaese and ulnar nerve transposition last august..I have had some problems with my shoulder getting stiff from my babying it and i cant seem to close my hand all the way...My fingers hurt also but not exactally like what you describe~

I feel so bad for ya.I wish i knew more to tell you!As i do know what its like to be in so much pain that ya cant sleep!!I am thikin...

This may sound nuttz but its what i did when my arm hurt after the nerve surgery.I would put it up above my head .I also filled a towel with ice and tied the towel up.layed it across my arm while it was above my head on the arm of the couch!I found relief like this many times the last few months!Also will help those painfull fingers to raise them up and not let them hang at your side all the time.Thats all that comes to mind right now!
It ma sound crazy but it works!Also when your on the puter ..Make sure you have a pillow under your elbow and keep it straight out that helped me!Providing your cast is off!

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