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Sorry for the Joe Friday title but I've been suffering from these symptoms for over two years now and still don't know what I have. Recently I've been told that it might be nerve damage. Has anyone had these symptoms:

1. a constant pain in the anus

2. constant tightness of butt, leg and foot

3. muscle spasms of butt, leg and foot

4. constapation

4. worse pain and muscle spasms and constapation for a few days after ejaculation

I also had urinary frequency and urgency but 2 urologists have told me that my other symptoms (listed above) indicate a non-urological problem. I'm going to G/I this Friday and a neurologist after that if the G/I doesn't find anything. My question to the forum is, does anyone suffering from nerve damage or something like it have these symptoms? And if so, does anything help!

Hello Melville, Well, some of your symptoms I have. I had a Decopressive Lumbar Laminectomy in 2003. Since then, I have been told I have nerve damage, due to the bone pressing on the nerve for so many years. I have tightness of my left leg, spasms, the leg feeling like it is frozen... I have cramps at night, in the leg muscles, and this makes it hard to sleep. When I get up from bed, or from just sitting, I have to wait a few seconds before my leg will move at all. Doctor says this might recover in time, but maybe only 50%, I have hope! I get very down, cry, then go on. I try to keep my chin up, but its hard, not being able to do what I use to do. You said you were told this is nerve damage. Was there something that caused this??? This is good you are going to see some doctors, and keep going until you get some answers... Well, hope this info helped in someway. When I hear of people with the same symptoms, I don't feel so alone out there!!! Goodluck. Janatee ;)
this really does sound like either a nerve issue or it could also be a problem with some deep muscles like the 'psoas"?The psoas muscle runs right through the area you described.Your symptoms do rather sound more like the muscle.a physiatrist would be a good specialist to see once you have consulted with a neuro.It wouldn't hurt to also get an MRI of the lumbar area.Marcia
Thank you both for responding, I really appreciate it. Just to let you know, I had my test with the G/I (in which he looked up my butt) and everything there was fine. My next step is the MRI that you suggested. Its scheduled for two weeks from today and I'm both excited and terrified about getting the results. I've been suffering from this for 18 months (it seems like a decade) and, being a worrier, I've really stressed myself out thinking that I've got something fatal. Although so far the urological and G/I stuff have been healthy, my worrying nature allows about 5 seconds of pleasure from the good reports and then moves on to the next worse case possibility--"thank goodness its not rectal cancer, its probably ALS though." I'm not exaggerating, that's how I think. So, to make a long story short its been a long year and a half and I'm still pretty scared. But it helps immensely to have people on this board to talk to and help and be helped by!

Melville. Glad to hear all went well with your first doctor. Thank God there was no cancer. You should be happy... I know you are scared and thinking all the bad things...but, that is human nature. We all do that. I do. But you have to get a grip, and get to the bottom of this. It could just be a minor thing that can be fixed. I complain a lot to my sister about my leg pain, and how I need a cane and can't walk like I use to, and she said to me "At least you have your legs.." Boy how true, so you must be thankful for all the good things in your life... You will get the results of your MRI, and you will go on from there. Things will get better. Keep your chin up. Make sure you ask plenty of questions and get results. If you need more then one opinion get it. Best of luck, and hope to hear you are doing better. Janatee :wave:

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